Infrastructure and Engineering Services

We have a one-window solution for all your infrastructure and engineering needs. We provide a complete set of services offering state-of-the-art infrastructure engineering designs. With in-house highly qualified engineers, we manage large-scale infrastructure and engineering projects. With the latest engineering tools and software, MCTG follows the best practices to make its services unmatched.  We provide customized engineering solutions in order to meet the requirements of our clients.

  • Civil Engineering and Construction:

Over the last decade, MCTG is known for its civil engineering and construction projects across Pakistan. We have worked with leading public and private organizations on large-scale civil engineering and construction projects.

  • Mechanical and Electronics Automation:

This is another area in which MCTG has made a name for itself since 2012. We focus on designing and manufacturing machines. We believe the future of mechanical and automation engineering offers innovative solutions for cities of the 21st century.

  • Energy and Water Infrastructure Engineering:

We provide policy, regulation, and engineering for the effective operation of water infrastructure. With a focus on the 21st century, our work revolves around long-term solutions that made urban centers fit for efficient living.

  • Engineering Machinery and Supplies:

MCTG is one of the leading suppliers of machinery across Pakistan. We supply excavators, bulldozers, wheel tractor scrapers, loaders, pavers, compactors, telehandlers, dump trucks, pile boring machines, feller benchers, and graders.