Development Sector Consulting

We provide evidence-based innovative solutions that address the social and economic needs of the 21st century. Our work over the last decade has demonstrated that evidence-based solutions turn challenges into opportunities. Based on cutting-edge data technologies, we channel knowledge to find practical and long-lasting solutions. Our work is synonymous with quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our work revolves around collaboration with the policymakers, the public, and the private sectors, and individuals striving to unlock the potential of technology to make life better for millions in and outside Pakistan.
  • Development Programme Design & Evaluation:

Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has helped organizations develop program designs. Additionally, Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has carried out scores of evaluations for the social sector.

  • Third-Party Monitoring Services:

Third-Party Monitoring is a core expertise of Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG). Over the last decade, Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has provided third-party monitoring services to donor-funded projects, both inside and outside Pakistan.

  • Project Management & Implementation:

The management of projects is critical to their successful implementation. It directly involves the overall management of a project to ensure it meets the objectives outlined in the planning phase.

  • Grants Management:

Transparent and accountable disbursement of money for public projects is the first step in implementing them successfully. Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has mechanisms in place to ensure grants management is transparent and accountable.

  • Research & Development:

R&D is the foundation on which the whole work of Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) depends. R&D defines Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) and its work.

  • Digital Monitoring and Evaluation Systems:

In keeping with the times, Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has now put in place systems and mechanisms for digital monitoring and evaluation systems. Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) can now provide real-time outcomes of the digital monitor and evaluation systems.

  • Proposal development services:

We prepare proposals for a variety of fields, such as securing funding, partnerships, or business contracts. Based on market research and strategic planning, our team of professionals specializes in proposal writing, editing, and design. We develop an in-depth understanding of the client’s goals and objectives, followed by the creation of a compelling proposal that effectively communicates the client’s message and value proposition.