Advisory & Public Financial Management services

We provide evidence-based innovative solutions that address the social and economic needs of the 21st century. Our work over the last decade has demonstrated that evidence-based solutions turn challenges into opportunities. Based on cutting-edge data technologies, we channel knowledge to find practical and long-lasting solutions. Our work is synonymous with quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our work revolves around collaboration with the policymakers, the public, and the private sectors, and individuals striving to unlock the potential of technology to make life better for millions in and outside Pakistan.
  • Public Budgetary Anlysis:

The analysis of the budget allocated for public projects is critical to assess how the resources have been utilized. Along with policy analysis, analyzing the spending of the public has been a core area of Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) expertise.

  • Budgetary Forecasting for Socio-Economic Development:

Based on its research work, Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) over the years has developed a sound expertise in relevant budgetary forecasting for the social sectors. Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) understands the importance of budgetary forecasting for social economic development as it concerns everybody’s life.

  • Value for Money Analysis:

Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) has conducted scores of value-for-money analyses of donor-funded projects. The minute analysis gives a clear picture of the effectiveness of the projects.

  • Public Financial Risks and fiduciary Assessment services:

Staying ahead of financial risks is critically important both for public and private organizations. Apart from analyzing financial risks for public money, Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) provides state-of-the-art fiduciary assessment services.

  • Cost Management & Control:

We assist in the planning, monitoring, and controlling of expenses associated with a business or project. We offer effective cost management and controls for clear cost goals and objectives, as well as the development of comprehensive cost estimates and budgets. This is backed by continuous monitoring of actual costs against planned costs, identification of variances, and corrective action when necessary to ensure the project stays within budget.

  • Managing Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances:

Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) manages mergers, acquisitions, and alliances for creating a stronger, more competitive entity. For this, we conduct due diligence, legal and financial structuring, negotiation, and integration of the intended entities. We bring with us the ability to effectively manage change and transition while maintaining the integrity of businesses and their operations.

  • Financial Compliance

Our financial compliance services help clients adhere to laws, regulations, and standards that govern financial reporting and operations. This includes compliance with accounting principles, tax laws, anti-money laundering regulations, and other financial regulations. Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) ensures our clients’ financial operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to avoid legal and financial penalties

  • Tax & Advisory

We assist businesses in managing their tax obligations and provide strategic guidance to help them achieve financial objectives. This includes tax planning, compliance, and reporting, while advisory services encompass business strategy, financial planning, risk management, and other related areas.

  • Contract Management

Momentum Consulting & Technologies Group (MCTG) creates, negotiates, executes, and monitors contracts to ensure compliance with the agreed-upon terms and conditions. Based on in-depth understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, we manage contract drafting, risk assessment, performance monitoring, and dispute resolution. Our services help businesses reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve efficiency by streamlining contract processes and ensuring that obligations are met.