Agriculture & Rural Development

Rural development is key to improving the quality of life across Pakistan and South Asia – a fact recognized as an urgent policy measure to slow down the fast-paced migration to cities. The first step in this direction is economic stability on the back of a vibrant agriculture sector. Even today more than 70% of the world’s population earns its living from farming. The role of technology is critical to ensuring the farming sector achieves its full potential to meet global food security. We work on strategies to enhance the productivity of the farming sector, with a focus on policies, investment, and the use of technology.

  •  Agriculture – Stimulating growth:

A sustainably developed farming sector enhances food security and reduces poverty. In this regard, the role of farming productivity is critical. As the pressure on natural resources such as water and land is increasing because of the population, ensuring a sustainable agricultural sector is crucial at the country and global levels. Our research helps discover innovative strategies and resources for a sustainable farming sector, both in Pakistan and South Asia.

  • Agriculture Value Chain Analysis and Development:

Without an effective value chain, all progress in the farming sector comes to a halt. Globally, there are still barriers to gaining access to markets and inputs for farming communities, especially in South Asia. An enabling environment that ensures smooth farm-to-market access to farmers is essential for enhancing the productivity of the agriculture sector.

  • Rural Development – Integrating the Poor:

Agriculture is vital to rural development. An effective farming sector can address the most critical question of integrating the poor in the journey to upward mobility. MCTG research helps to tap models for rural development. Not only do these models meet the needs of the 21st century, but they also lead to the horizontal distribution of skills and resources. Importantly, the focus of the MCTG models is on preparing and implementing indigenous solutions.

  • Climate Smart Agriculture:

In the face of a growing global population, the demand for food is stressing the farming sector. Agriculture production is lagging as crop yields are declining and natural resources such as soils, water, and biodiversity have been stretched thin. The issue of food security will only become more severe in the coming decades. It makes climate-smart agriculture an essential of the farming sector. MCTG has been working on finding cost-effective and evidence-based strategies and solutions for climate-smart agriculture in Pakistan.

  • Skills Development in Agriculture:

With the introduction of technology and innovative research, there has been a substantive change in the skillset required in the farming sector. A skilled human resource is a must for an effective and productive agriculture sector. MCTG research is focused on preparing models for enhancing the skillset of human resources, aiming for an effective field to market farming output.