In the 21st century, energy is the lynchpin of development. To meet the needs of the increasing but vibrant population across the globe, the need for finding and harnessing innovative solutions for providing efficient and clean energy is paramount. Today, human activity is outpacing the limited resources globally. Our focus is on technical assistance and policy formation vis-à-vis energy efficiency and renewable energy.

  • Energy and Resource Modeling and Benchmarking

For performance improvement, benchmarking helps in comparing a device, facility, process, or organization with itself, peers, or established norms. The complex process delivers long-term stable solutions for the energy sector, especially in terms of measuring the energy performance of a building, relative to other buildings. MCTG has carried out a number of energy and resource modeling and benchmarking audits for the public and private sectors.

  • Energy Efficiency Specification:

Energy efficiency is a critical requirement of the 21st century. MCTG has the expertise to put in place procedures and regulations prescribing the energy performance of manufactured products.