Strategy Review and Education Program Evaluation for Development in Literacy Pakistan


Conducted the education Programme evaluation, ranging from 2014 to 2018 for Developments in Literacy, a USA based organization, engaged in Pakistan. The evaluation has been carried out across the facets of school management, teacher’s training, curriculum, students learning outcomes, ICT based learning, education quality & organizational elements of
Developments in Literacy including teachers’ performance management system, organizational structure and departmental coordination mechanism

Services Provided:

Momentum conducted an assessment of teachers in Islamabad, gauging their ability to address the illiteracy through innovative pedagogy. Based on this assessment, a training programme for teachers was also prepared.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Saleem: Team Lead
2) Dr. Tajammul:
3) Dr. Hanif:
4) Dr. Saleem Ullah:
5) Dr. Idrees:
6) Saima Afzal:
7) Ghulam Shabbir:


Country: Pakistan
Year: 2015
Client: Development in Literacy (DIL – USA)