Preparation of READ Foundation Modules (English Language, In page, Adobe Reader)


Momentum team of exerts conceived and developed 05 months training modules and learning materials for READ Foundation.
These modules were developed in accordance with the lesson planning and student learning objectives. The developed materials were printed in the form of booklets and were distributed among the learners of the READ foundation. Training of master trainers was conducted for each module so that the master trainers can further cascade the training to the teaching staff of READ Foundation.

Services Provided:

Momentum developed modules for the trainings. These modules focused on capacity building, learning materials, and TOT. The modules prepared in English were also translated in Urdu. These were distributed among learners.

Project Team:

1) Ghulam Shabbir
2) Dr. Muhammad Saleem
3) Tanveer Ul Hassan


Country: Pakistan
Year: 2015
Client: Read Foundation