Preparation of human Resource capacity development plan (2020 to 2030) for Public Health engineering department (PHED) of the Government of Balochistan


Successfully prepared human resource capacity development plan for PHED keeping in view the role and targets of PHED in the backdrop of sustainable development goals i.e., 2030 agenda. A careful analysis of the situation of the department was carried out while using mix methods before preparing the plan. Human resource skill and competence profiling for all the technical, operational. administrative and finance cadres were carried out at the outset of the capacity development plan design. A detailed human resource capacity development plan was prepared covering all the aspects of skill, competencies, and behavioral development. The plan included phase wise capacity development activities and actions to be carried out along with the budgets and timelines. The same plan was adopted by department after approvals from all the levels.

Services Provided:

Momentum developed a human resource capacity development plan for PHED, Balochistan, with focus on SDG targets. The capacity of PHED as a public department was gauged in terms of competent human resource and financial viability. Based on this review, a comprehensive human resource capacity development plan was prepared.

Project Team:

1) Dr. Muhammad Saleem : Team Lead
2) Iqbal-U-Rehman : Principle Consultant
3) Ghulam Shabbir


Country: Pakistan
Year: 2019
Client: UNICEF