Diarrhea Prevention through Hygiene Promotion and Women Empowerment Project plan International


This project proposes a multi-pronged approach to sustainable sanitation services that does not fall into traditional “latrine construction” traps that plague the sector. Children, who are generally not targeted for sanitation and hygiene, become catalysts of change in the household and broader community. School sanitation is combined with a children’s household toilet program that will reduce incidences of diarrhea by eliminating open defecation by toddlers, increasing handwashing and facilitating household upgrades of latrines.

Services Provided:

Momentum conducted a baseline study on the practice of handwashing, diarrhea, and other sanitation facilities. The baseline study provided an overview of the WASH sector in districts where Plan International Pakistan was implementing its projects.

Project Team:

1) Muhammad Tanveer
2) Adnan
3) Muhammad Naveed


Country: Pakistan
Year: 2017
Client: Plan International